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Students of Army Public School must follow the code of conduct as laid down below:-

  • All students to be punctual and regular in attendance. A student will be eligible to sit for the examination only if he/she has 75% attendance to his/her credit.
  • Attendance in the morning assembly is compulsory. Disciplinary action will be taken against defaulters. A fine will be imposed on habitual late comers.
  • Absentees are required to bring an application giving reason for their absence. The application should be duly signed by their parents.
  • Those who commute by school buses or under their own arrangements must promptly leave bags etc. in their respective class rooms and report for the assembly.
  •  Changing of classrooms between periods must be done in complete silence and in an orderly manner.
  • Students must wear clean and neat uniform as per the approved pattern. No relaxation is acceptable in this regards. General turnout is checked during the morning assembly and defaulters are punished.
  •  Due care must be taken of the school property by all students. They are not allowed to scratch or spoil the charts and educational material displayed in the corridors/Class rooms. They must not damage the school furniture, Electric fittings and write graffiti on the walls. Any damage caused accidentally must be reported immediately by the concerned students of the class.
  • Waste paper and waste material must be disposed off in the waste paper bins kept for this purpose.
  • Students must be courteous and gentle in manner. They should pay respect to all teachers and elders.


Main Areas of Discipline Code of Conduct to be followed Consequences for Inappropriate Code of Conduct Card Issued
Attendance Students must attend all classes regularly Parent notification, Suspension, Expulsion, Green
Punctuality Students must be punctual and reach the school before the morning assembly Warning. Parent notification. Possible suspension. Green
Dress Code Students must dress in accordance with the School’s uniform policy Parent Notification. Green
Property Students have to respect school property Pay cost for damage done. Possible suspension. Green
Walkman Camera/Mobile Phones/ Radios Electronic goods are not permitted Warning, confiscation of the item. Possible suspension, if found guilty after repeated warnings. Yellow
Harassment Racial , Verbal or any other harassment is not permitted Parent notification Referral  to the Counsellor  Possible suspension. Yellow
Obscenity Committing an obscene act or engaging in vulgarity is not permitted Suspension Expulsion Red
Eve teasing Show proper respect to peer group Parent notification Referral to the counsellor Possible suspension Red
Theft Theft is a serious crime and is punishable Suspension. Replacement of the items stolen. If repeated, expulsion Red
Respect of Authority Students will treat staff with respect and conduct themselves accordingly. Defiance of authority is a punishable offence Detention Possible suspension Red
Disruptive/Destructive Behaviour Students should not engage in reckless/negligent/malicious Behaviour Warning, Suspension. Expulsion. Red
Examination Student should sincerely attempt project work and examinations. Cheating or copying will be strictly condemned. Warning, Will be awarded zero in the concerned proper parent notification. Suspension. Red
Physical Injury/Threat Students must not cause any physical injury or threat to any other student Suspension, Parent notification, Expulsion. Black


  • Issue of Four Green Cards will lead lead to suspension for 7 days.
  • Issue of Two Yellow Cards will lead lead to suspension for 7 days
  • Red & Black Cards will be issued on the recommendations of the enquiry committee.