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Change in Date of Birth

Once recorded in the school scholar register change in the date of birth will not normally be accepted, except on production of proof in the form of birth certificates from Municipal Committee/Cantt Board/State Authorities authorized to issue birth certificates.

Classes II VII

Maths, English, Hindi Syllabus of previous class.

Classes VI to VIII

Maths, English, Hindi and Science Syllabus of previous class.

Class IX

Maths: Maths Syllabus of NCERT book of class VIII.

Science: Syllabus of NCERT books of Class VIII.

English: Article Writing, Formal Letter, Functional Conjunction etc.

Grammar. eg. Preposition, Verb, Adjective,

Class X

Syllabus of NCERT of class IX for Maths and Science

English  Functional Grammar, Article Writing, Formal Letter

Class XI

Science Stream:

Maths and Science Syllabus of Class X.

English Communicative Syllabus of Class X.

Commerce Stream:

English Communicative and Maths Syllabus of Class X.

Humanities Stream:

English Communicative and Social Science Syllabus of Class X